delirious match history - 2005









1/07/05- Egotistico Fantastico over Delirious….LaSalle, IL (NWA Revolution)

1/08/05- Chris Candido over Delirious….Muscatine, IA (NWA No Limits)

1/15/05- Matt Sydal over Delirious…..Pleasantville, IA (New Era Wrestling)

1/21/05- Delirious over Brandon Thomaselli…..Bloomington, IN (IWA Mid-South)

1/29/05- Delirious over Josh Abercrombie….. Rensselaer, IN (IWA Mid-South)

2/04/05- Delirious over Jimmy Jacobs in a Steel Cage Match….Valparaiso, IN (IWA Mid-South)

2/05/05- Slim J over Delirious, Jay Fury, and Nick Halen in a 4-Way…. Cornelia, GA (NWA Wildside)

2/08/05- Chet Jablonski over Delirious and TJ Dalton in a 3-Way….Cincinnati, OH (Heartland Wrestling Association)

2/11/05- Danny Daniels over Delirious….Vincennes, IN (IWA Mid-South)

2/12/05- Delirious over Arik Cannon….Highland, IN (IWA Mid-South)

2/18/05- Delirious/Michael Modest/ Mike Wallace over Brad Bradley/Simply Marvelous….South Bend, IN (New Breed Wrestling)

2/25/05- BJ Whitmer/Dan Maff over Delirious/Jimmy Jacobs ….Dayton, OH (Ring of Honor)

2/26/05- Dunn & Marcos over Delirious/Golden Vampire….Chicago Ridge, IL (Ring of Honor)

3/12/05- Colt Cabana over Delirious….New Haven, CT (Ring of Honor)

3/18/05- Hallowicked over Delirious….Reading, PA (Chikara)

3/19/05- Delirious over Ravage….Emmaus, PA (Chikara)

3/22/05- Crazy J/Lotus over Delirious/Matt Sydal….Cincinnati, OH (Heartland Wrestling Association)

4/01/05- Delirious over Josh Abercrombie….. Herrin, IL (IWA Mid-South)

4/02/05- Delirious over Vito Thomaselli ….. Salem, IN (IWA Mid-South)

4/05/05- Jimmy Jacobs over Delirious….. Dunbar, WV (IWA East Coast)

4/08/05- Delirious over Brandon Thomaselli and Josh Abercrombie in a 3-Way....Midlothian, IL (IWA Mid-South)


4/09/05- CM Punk over Delirious….Highland, IN (IWA Mid-South)


4/22/05- Ryan Boz over Delirious….Burlington, IA (NWA No Limits)


4/23/05- Matt Sydal over Delirious and Payday Patterson in a 3-Way….Lawrence, KS (NWA Central States)


4/30/05- Slim J over Delirious, Jay Fury, and Nick Halen in a 4-Way Ladder Match....Cornelia, GA (NWA Wildside)


5/06/05- Delirious over CM Punk in 5 minute overtime after 30 minute draw....Midlothian, IL (IWA Mid-South)


5/07/05- Delirious 30 minute draw Matt Sydal and Puma in a 3-Way....Streamwood, IL (NWA Midwest)


5/13/05- Jack Evans over Delirious, Ebessan, and Samoa Joe in a 4 Corner Survival ….Dayton, OH (Ring of Honor)

5/14/05- Roderick Strong/Jack Evans  over Delirious/Alex Shelley….Chicago Ridge, IL (Ring of Honor)


5/20/05- Delirious over BJ Whitmer and Sal Thomaselli in a 3-Way….Salem, IN (IWA Mid-South)


5/21/05- Delirious over Juggulator….Chillicothe, OH(Mad Pro Wrestling)


6/03/05- Delirious over Claudio Castagnoli ….Muscatine, IA (NWA No Limits)


6/04/05- Delirious over Brandon Thomaselli ....Plymouth, IN (IWA Mid-South)


6/10/05- Chris Sabin over Delirious in the 1st round of the 2005 Jeff Peterson Cup....Brandon, FL (NWA Florida)


6/11/05- Josh Abercrombie over Delirious to win the IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Title ....Philadelphia, PA  (IWA Mid-South)


6/17/05- Tyler Black over Delirious....Midlothian, IL (IWA Mid-South)


6/19/05- Shark Boy over Delirious, Zach Gowan, Elix Skipper, Amazing Red, and Jarrelle Clark in a 6-Way X-Division Match....Orlando, FL....LIVE on Pay-Per View (NWA TNA Slammiversary)


6/21/05- Samoa Joe over Delirious....Orlando, FL....taped for TNA IMPACT (NWA TNA)


7/01/05- Josh Abercrombie over Delirious via countout....Salem, IN  (IWA Mid-South)


7/02/05- Delirious 60 minute draw CM Punk....Valparaiso, IN  (IWA Mid-South)


7/08/05- Delirious over Tracy Smothers….Muscatine, IA (NWA No Limits)


7/09/05- Chad Collyer over Delirious....Hammond, IN (IWA Mid-South)


7/23/05- Delirious over Matt Sydal to win the NWA Midwest X-Division Championship....Streamwood, IL (NWA Midwest)


7/29/05- Delirious over Matt Sydal.....Monroeville, PA (International Wrestling Cartel)


7/30/05- Delirious/Matt Sydal over Davey Andrews/Derek Dempsey,  and Marek Brave over Delirious, Matt Sydal, Brandon Thomaselli, Josh Abercrombie, and Tyler Black in a 6-Way elimination match.....Plymouth, IN (IWA Mid-South)


8/06/05- Ian Rotten over Delirious....Hammond, IN (IWA Mid-South)


8/12/05- Ace Steel over Delirious, Matt Stryker, and Sterling James Keenon in a 4 Corner Survival ….Dayton, OH (Ring of Honor)

8/13/05- Nigel McGuiness over Delirious, Alex Shelley, and Matt Sydal in a 4 Corner Survival ….Chicago Ridge, IL (Ring of Honor)


8/19/05- Delirious over Roderick Strong ....Midlothian, IL (IWA Mid-South)


8/20/05- Delirious over Chris Hero in a 12 minute overtime after a 30 minute draw....Lafayette, IN (IWA Mid-South)


8/26/05- Delirious over Jarrelle Clark ....Sanford, FL (Pro Wrestling Warfare)


8/27/05- Delirious over Vordell Walker ....St. Petersburg, FL (Pro Wrestling Warfare)

9/9/05- Jimmy Jacobs over Delirious....Midlothian, IL (IWA Mid-South)

9/10/05- Delirious/Matt Sydal over Arik Cannon/Frankie the Face in a Mini Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final match, and Vito Thomaselli/Sal Thomaselli over Delirious/Matt Sydal in the Mini Tag Team Title Tournament Finals....Plymouth, IN (IWA Mid-South)

9/16/05- Delirious over Ace Steel....Herrin, IL (IWA Mid-South)

9/17/05- Delirious/MsChif and Matt Sydal/Daizee Haze went to a No Contest....Streamwood, IL (NWA Midwest)

9/23/05- Delirious over Brandon Thomaselli in a Ted Petty Invitational 1st Round match....Hammond, IN (IWA Mid-South)

9/24/05- Arik Cannon over Delirious in a Ted Petty Invitational 2nd Round match....Hammond, IN (IWA Mid-South)

10/1/05- Delirious and Chico Es Loco wrestled to a 15 minute time limit draw....Jerseyville, IL (Midwest Powerhouse Wrestling)

10/6/05- TJ Dalton/Daizee Haze over Delirious/ MsChif....Lebanon, TN (NWA 57th Annual Convention Night One)

10/7/05- Delirious over Vordell Walker….Sanford, FL (Pro Wrestling Warfare)

10/8/05- Delirious over Naphtali….St. Petersburg, FL (Pro Wrestling Warfare)

10/13/05- Delirious over Nate Webb....Morris, IL (IWA Mid-South)

10/15/05- Shark Boy over Delirious and Amazing Blue in a 3-Way....Tulsa, OK (Christian Wrestling Entertainment)

10/28/05- Delirious over Larry Sweeney....Muscatine, IA (NWA No Limits)

10/29/05- Delirious over Matt Sydal, Ryan Ash, and Crocodile Kid in a Fatal 4-Way....St. Peters, MO (Midwest Powerhouse Wrestling)

11/4/05- BJ Whitmer over Delirious....Detroit, MI (Ring of Honor)

11/5/05- Delirious/Ace Steel over Chad Collyer/Nigel McGuiness....Chicago Ridge, IL (Ring of Honor)

- Matt Sydal/Daizee Haze over Delirious/MsChif in a Steel Cage Intergender Tag Team match to win the NWA Midwest X Division Championship and the NWA Midwest Women's Championship....Streamwood, IL (NWA Midwest)

11/18/05- Delirious/ Matt Sydal over Vito Thomaselli/Sal Thomaselli via DQ....Indianapolis, IN (IWA Mid-South)

11/19/05- Delirious/Ian Rotten/C.J. Otis/Mickie Knuckles/Ian’s son John Calvin over Vito Thomaselli/Sal Thomaselli/Brandon Thomaselli/Jimmy Jacobs/Josh Abercrombie....Indianapolis, IN (IWA Mid-South)

11/22/05- Seth Delay/Patrick Bentley/Chad Parham over Delirious/TJ Dalton/Hayden Young….Soddy-Daisy, TN (NWA Wildside)

12/3/05- Delirious over Votekz in a Super Jr Heavyweight Tournament First Round match, and Delirious over Carlton Kaz in a Super Jr Heavyweight Tournament Semi-Final match, and Lotus over Crazy J and Delirious in the 3-way Elimination Super Jr Heavyweight Tournament Finals....Indianapolis, IN (Insanity Pro Wrestling)

12/16/05- Delirious/Matt Sydal/Ian Rotten over Josh Abercrombie/Eddie Kingston/Brandon Thomaselli in a Falls count anywhere match....Indianapolis, IN (IWA Mid-South)

12/17/05- Brett Young over Delirious....Lawrence, KS (NWA Central States)

12/30/05- Larry Sweeney over Delirious and Colt Cabana in a Chris Candido Comedy 3-Way....Streamwood, IL (IWA Mid-South)






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